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During these times, the cost of shipping has nearly tripled, because DHL is having to charter jets, in lieu of commercial flights. We've devised a way to keep our price the same for now, but it only works for US orders. We are still shipping to Canada directly from Germany, so there is now a minimum order of 12, for Canadian delivery, because of the inflated shipping costs. For other countries, please contact us to see if we can arrange it. It's been taking at least 4-6 weeks, because it seems that customs is either overloaded or understaffed.

Hopefully, things will get back to normal soon.




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NAC (40 count) + postage from Germany

3 boxes- $66 + $32=$98
4 boxes- $88 + $34=$122
5 boxes $110 + $34=$144
6 Boxes $132 + $28=$160 -Price break!
7 boxes $154 + $28=$182
8 boxes $176 + $28=$204
9 boxes $198 + $28=$226
10 boxes $220+$28=$248
11 boxes $242+$28=$270
12 boxes $264+$28=$292 - Best Value!


If you do the math, with postage, the cost per box goes down quite a bit with the higher quantities. The shelf life is 3 years, and at the average dose of 2 per day, 12 boxes will last you 8 months, at a cost of about $24.33 per box, including postage.

Because of my brother's need for German NAC, when the customs regulations changed and we could no longer receive our shipments after 7 years of helping Americans get the good stuff, we had to find another way. So now, we arrange for delivery from Germany directly to the individual for their own personal use. With the added expense of postage from Germany, it's not practical to order only one box for $22, when it would cost about another $32 just for postage, so a minimum order of 3 boxes makes more sense. Check our Return Policy, and order with confidence.

You Can Get Effervescent NAC
For As Little As $1.22 A Day!

Box of 40 - $22 + postage from Germany
Minimum order 3 boxes
Go to Order Page!
600 mg. effervescent wafers
Take 1 twice a day

PayPal account not required
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