Suggested Dosage:

One 600 mg. wafer dissolved in water 2 x daily
, about 12 hours apart.

Petite people (120 lbs.) can try 1/2 the amount to start;
wafers are scored for easy halving.
Economy would be the reason for seeing if that might be enough.

Naturally, individual results will vary depending on your condition,
regularity of use and levels of mucus and toxicity.
Research has shown that even 4 to 6 doses per day is safe for those with very severe mucus, but only with a doctor's recommendation. If you suspect you have a lot of toxins, try starting with a half daily, and after 4-5 days, you can slowly increase, so those toxins don't all get released too quickly.

Research strongly recommends taking a
multi-vitamin/mineral supplement
Vit. C
<1-2gr>, selenium <55-400mcg.> and zinc <4-40mg.> when using NAC, as well as drinking 6-8 glasses of good water (not tap or distilled) daily.
All meats have zinc, and selenium is in all nuts; Two Brazil nuts have a whole day's supply. The Vitamin C helps it stay effective longer in the body.

Using 2 wafers a day, two boxes will last 20 days,
so the minimum order of 8 boxes will last you 2.5 months. Some people do well with one a day, so that could be up to 5 months.
See our FAQ section for more.

Box of 20 = $12 + $64 Expedited postage from Germany
Minimum order 8 boxes

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600 mg. effervescent wafers
Take 1 twice a day
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